Adolf Sehring
June 8, 1930 - March 4, 2015
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Adolf Sehring, 84, of Punta Gorda, Florida passed away Wednesday, March 4, 2015. Adolf was born June 8, 1930 in Urupino, Russia. He emigrated to the U.S. in 1949 at the age of 19. Two years later he joined the U.S. Army and fought in the Korean War. Adolf started drawing at the age of…

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Alex Graves left a message on December 6, 2018:
I was just a young guy when I first met Adolph. He was good friends with my parents, John and Brenda Graves. I grew up going over to his lavish exquisite home, Tetley Plantation. To this day, I remember quotes, sayings, advice he expressed to me and my father that have struck with me to this day. I wish he could see me now, grown, and involved heavily into the art world. He was a man of much inspiration. A lot of wisdom and determination. A man who once called himself my 'Uncle'. I wish and hope he's proud. Respectfully, Alex Graves
Darren Trainor left a message on December 24, 2015:
I would like to say what a honor to meet Adolf on a P.O cruise ship i have fond memories and even sent me a G clay of pope John Paul the 2nd this will stay on my wall forever till i pass god bless and hope one day we meet again
Geoff Marsh left a message on September 5, 2015:
Adolph was my friend in VA and after. I think the Tetley years were his finest. We always had stimulating conversation and my family has several of his works. You are missed, my friend.
Maureen Miller left a message on June 28, 2015:
I am sorry to hear of Mr. Sehring's passing. Years ago I came across a painting of a girl looking out on the water. It reminded me of my childhood, and the girl could have easily been me. Over the years I collected a few more prints, and they still grace the walls in my house.
pamela keller left a message on March 20, 2015:
Adolf was so full of life and humor. He saw the happiness in everything. So unusual for an artist of such talent to have such a good outlook on life. It was my honor to meet him and get to know his loving and caring wife, Mary. Adolf will be sorely missed.
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Captain Dennis Slaughter left a message on March 15, 2015:
I'm so sorry to hear of Adolf's passing. He was a massively talented artist. Adolf and I meet several years ago and he was intrigued by my world travels. we had many enjoyable times talking about many different things. We both enjoyed yachting and the ocean and spent many evenings sitting out in front of The Turtle Club enjoying a drink and interesting discussion . I know you will miss him greatly .... I will too .... Captain Dennis Slaughter
Captain Dennis Slaughter left a message on March 15, 2015:
So sorry to hear of Adolf's passing, a wonderful , massively talented artist. I met Adolf several years ago. He and I were both world travelers and enjoyed yachting and the ocean. We had many enjoyable talks about these and many other subjects sitting out in front of The Turtle Club and other venues . My sincere condolences .... I know you will miss him so much ... I will too .... Captain Dennis Slaughter
Joseph & Lynda Schortz left a message on March 15, 2015:
Our prayers & thoughts are with you and your family at this time. Adolf was a wonderful friend always had interesting conversations with him. We are fortunate to have one of his beautiful works of Art.
Cindi left a message on March 14, 2015:
I am struck with sadness to learn of my friend's passing. What a wonderful artist he was . . . I will miss you Adolf!!
Monique Davis left a message on March 21, 2015:
I met Adolf in the sun set of his life. If he were still painting at that time, I'm sure he would have painted a skilled exact copy of a golden sunset with hues of orange and red streaking across the last evening sky over a vast ocean or African plain. He always had a glimmer in his eyes concealing some sort of mischievous intent. He would light up a room when Mary would come to visit daily and often call her name when she left. Her scent would linger in the air and somehow made him calmer while he waited for her next visit. Strong willed and defiant to last, we would have to invoke Mary's name to get him to go to bed sometimes or simply to play nice. David would offer his kind word and gregarious humor with everyone in ear shot. David managed to keep Adolf eating long after Adolf gave up of the idea. All the ladies fell for handsome David as much as for Adolf. Judy kept the family together like some sort of super glue or metronome to keep pace and support. Always a kind word and sympathetic heart. We all miss Adolf and the family that brought light and happiness into his room everyday. Now, just to get deep for a minute. The human eye can only see 390-700nm in the electromagnetic spectrum. This is the living human eye on the material plane. Now, imagine if our eyes are not locked into human form. What is Adolf painting now. Much Love to everyone, Monique
Lela Lassman left a message on March 23, 2015:
So sorry for your loss. Adolf was a great artist. God blessed him with such a wonder wife to love and care for him . He had great friend in David to help him and make him smile and laugh. He is now in an even more beautiful place. I would love to see the beauty he is painting now. Love Lela
cecilia carr (CECE( left a message on May 6, 2015:
i got to know Adolph with my job at prot charlotte rehab ctr it was a joy taking care of Adolph i liked to make him laugh and dance in the dining room i liked looking forward to seeing him when i went to work he had an interesting life from what his family told us it was a pleasure knowing him and his loving family because of Adolph i ve become very fond of his family i ll miss us but you will never be forgotten
Patricia left a message on May 6, 2015:
It was a true pleasure to have meet such a wonderful man. My heart goes out to his family as I will always remember his smile and all the laughs we had. Patricia Suda
Ron Louque left a message on May 6, 2015:
I was much saddened to hear of Adolf's passing. I am sorry that I did not have a chance to visit him in Florida before he passed. Adolf was a very special person to me, and played an important part in my life after we met in Orange,VA in 1986. The times I spend with Adolf were the best years of my life, exciting and full of wonder. He is one of those special people who appeared suddenly in my life at the right place and the right time, and with the right information, along with a kindred spirit. Meeting Adolf and becoming his friend was truly a God-send. Imagine, moving from the swamps of Louisiana to mountains of Virginia, and just happening to end up living just a couple of miles from one of the greatest artists in the world. He was a master artist, a modern day Rembrandt, and he generously taught me much about art that led to my success as an artist. I was always amazed that a man of his notoriety and status in life would want to be my friend. We spent a lot of time together in the rural Virginia piedmont, in the beautiful Blue Ridge country ... photographing scenes as reference for paintings. It was always interesting and exciting to see what would catch his attention as we drove down the back-roads, and that is how I learned from him... I learned to 'see' and understand the effects of light and shadow. Adolf had a great love of nature and the outdoors, and art. He inspired me greatly, and was always helpful in critiquing my paintings... he was honest, and I highly valued his words of wisdom. I will be eternally thankful that we crossed paths in this life and became friends. He made a difference in my life for the best. I look forward to seeing my friend again in the kingdom of God. God bless you and keep you Adolf. Your friend forever, Ron
Tom Smith left a message on May 4, 2015:
I work as a Graphic Designer for Lassen Galleries in the mid 90's and have many conversations with Adolph. He was a very talented man. we had many conversation with him passing a tremendous amount of enlightening information on to me. I felt pleased to have have the opportunity to be friends with this man. I have two of his artworks predominantly displayed at my home. Rest in Peace Adolph. Your friend, Tom Smith
Dennnise Williams left a message on April 28, 2015:
I will miss you Adolf. You and your family will always in my heart. I am so blessed to be able to say I met you. Until we meet again my friend..
Tim & Barbara left a message on April 5, 2015:
We are very glad to have known such a talented and colorful man, and will always remember Adolf's sense of humor and hospitality. He was blessed to have Mary in his life, and we are praying for comfort for all of his family.
James left a message on March 24, 2015:
I was saddened to discover Adolf had died. I will always remember Adolf and the great times we had together both at his home, his boat and out on the town. He was a unique, talented and brilliant man who considered himself a true realist, both in his art and the way he lived. Adolf has left this earth leaving behind many beautiful works of art, as well as many astonishing anecdotes. I know how much Adolf loved his wife, Mary, especially, and her sisters, too. If there is a God, I am confident that Adolf will not be that surprised and God and Adolf will share many laughs over Adolf's foibles as he lived a full life. I will miss him. May Adolf rest in peace, and may Mary take comfort in his lover for her and her whole family.
Aarob Mcarthur left a message on March 24, 2015:
Though the time i got to spend with Adolf was not long, we quickly formed a strong bond over our mutual love for art. In college i took several art classes, so before i even began working with him, i already knew of and admired Adolf, it was my extreme pleasure and even a blessinv that i got to meet and spend time with someone i idolized so. My heart aches for the great loss the world and his family suffered, but i also know that adolf is now painting with colors we can only dream of, and when it is time to see him again, many beautiful works await us.
Sue Visaggio left a message on May 6, 2015:
It was an honor and a privilege to know such a talented and gifted man. I will always remember our little talks we had together. Love and miss you Adolf.
Roberson Funeral Home left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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