Carl Salter
October 3, 1919 - May 7, 2013
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Carl William Salter, 93, of Port Charlotte, Florida passed away Tuesday, May 7, 2013 at his home. Carl was born October 3, 1919 in Douds, Iowa and moved to Port Charlotte 41 years ago from Norwood, MA. Carl was a WWII veteran who served proudly in the U.S. Navy. He was one of the few…

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Alissa Chandler left a message on May 30, 2013:
Dear Pa, You were my one and only grandpa, and I will always cherish the memories I have with you. As a child, you were my Pa. You were fun loving; always joking, tickling and stealing my nose. I will always cherish the times Greg and I got to spend with you and Nana during our annual Florida trips. Every time I eat a grapefruit I think of you and the beautiful citrus trees you had growing out back. As an adult, I came to see you as the great man that you truly were. You were a loving and loyal husband, father, grandfather, and even great-grandfather. In your 93 years you managed to survive the test of time, including wars, a changing country, and Nana. From all your hard work and love has come this beautiful strong family that we all are so lucky to be a part of. You brought onto this earth two of the strongest women I know, but what can you expect from such a great man as you! I am so grateful that we were all together to celebrate your 70th anniversary with Nana a few months ago. It means the world to me that we all got to see you in good health and happiness, and that we could celebrate the love you and Nana have shared. I truly think you were a rare and amazing man, and I could not have asked for a better Pa. Love, Alissa
Carole Ann Hodges left a message on May 12, 2013:
Dad, I will miss you very much, you are the best dad ever, taught me how to fish, gardening, cooking,reading, drive and the love of all music. Rest in peace to the best dad ever. With love, your loving daughter, Carole
Linda Insley Northcott left a message on May 13, 2013:
Dear Carl (Dad), Being Carole's best friend for almost 50 years has made me part of the Salter family. We even followed you from Norwood to Port Charlotte. So many wonderful memories of you and
Linda Insley Northcott left a message on May 13, 2013:
To Carl, Remembering your gracious smile and wonderful personality for almost 50 years of friendship. I was another daughter in your house. Even followed you from Norwood to Florida. Many memories and stories we've shared. You loved my jokes and I loved your chili!! I will remember you always. Love you........Linda
donna & ken Johnson left a message on May 15, 2013:
pareting is such sorrow// I still remember the christmas dinners/// Carole, so sorry for your loss//////donna & kenney
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Sharon Salter left a message on May 15, 2013:
Carl loved kids. My kids Laila and Paige, nieces and nephews, grandkids, the neighbors kids. Any child that came to Carl's house got greeted by him with enthusiasm, jokes, homemade cinnamon rolls, gingerbread cookies and stories. From babies on up Carl could relate to young people and he'd share his gifts of gardening, fishing, handyman repairs, cooking and laughter everyone who paid a visit. Carl loved animals. Dogs, cats, and all the wild creatures he would take pleasure in seeing and watching. Carl loved Mother Earth. He would plant flowers, fruit trees, vegetables and other plants. My yard is graced with bromeliads and succulents gifted to me by Carl from cuttings from his yard. Carl loved fixing things. He was the ultimate handyman and took on projects as a puzzle to be solved--broken toaster, vacuum, blinds--no problem, Carl to the rescue. He saved me many times. Carl loved to beautify places and his painting houses brought freshness and newness to the drab and worn. Carl loved family and friends, a good time and music. Carl is my standard I hold all husbands, sons, fathers, uncles, and grandfathers too because he was the best! I am so grateful for all the years I shared in the Salter family for my life has been enriched. Sending love and prayers of healing to all who mourn Carl's passing. May he rest in peace joined by his ancestors and loved ones before him. Aho mitakuye oyasin is a native american expression for "we are all related" and one that Carl lived for everybody was family to Carl. We miss you Carl.
Carl William Salter Jr. left a message on May 17, 2013:
Dad - There are so many things I want to say and wish I had said while you were still with us. I believe that you would have told me (and you did) that I didn’t have to say anything as you knew somehow anyway. They say that you were the silent type but I think that is a misunderstanding. I think that you would look and listen to whatever was going on around you and deal with it in your way. No fanfare, no beating your chest, never looking for the spotlight to shine on you. That made you a real person which is kind of rare these days. I can only hope that I can come close to your measure in my life. As with any son (or daughter for that matter) I gave you some grief and maybe a little disappointment. But you weathered through it with your typical patience perhaps knowing that it would all turn out right. I know it did. You were right again!! I will miss you and will think of you often. You were always there for me and I know that you will always be. I love you. Your son Carl
deborah left a message on May 17, 2013:
My father died , at home, after a very long and healthy life and a brief period of illness. We should all be so lucky. The lessons learned from him were many. Allowing me to do everything "the boys" did gave me a great sense of independence through life. Whether it was tinkering in his workshop, doing home repairs, working on cars, going fishing, or cooking Sunday dinner, I was always included. I am left with many fond memories. I am my father's daughter.........deb
pauline sousa left a message on May 19, 2013:
I didn't know you well but what I did know said it all, You were much loved by your childeren,grandchildren,friends and wife. I only wish hadI could have known you better. I am a close friend of Caroles and I know how much she loves you. your quiet and unasuming ways did not cover your wisdom and caring love you had for your family. Everyone who crossed your path is much better for it I'm sure you will not be forgottened! rest in piece! respectfully pauline and bill sousa.
Charlene White left a message on May 19, 2013:
Dear Pa, I am so deeply grateful and blessed to have known you. When I think of you I recall the stories you told me and the ways your eyes twinkled when telling them... I remember your instant connection with Haley who was not quite 2 years old, and shy and leery of strangers, but sat in your lap for the first time, as if she had done it a hundred times...this was such a gift, and spoke volumes as to who you were as person. I remember how you talked about your plants and gave me gardening tips, and I will think of you fondly whenever I am digging around in the soil. When I think of you, I think of strong, capable hands, a sharp mind and a huge, warm heart. You, along with the rest of the Salter clan, welcomed me and my family with open arms when Carole and I met each other sixteen years ago on a beautiful father's day. She told me about you and how much you meant to her, and how you gave her such unconditional love during a very difficult time.... When I met you and the family, I was in awe of the love and acceptance that was so freely given. I am truly blessed to be a part of this big, wonderful and sometimes wacky family, and to have had the honor to know you, even if it was only for a little while. Your memory will be kept alive in all of the stories we tell our children and their children. God bless you and may you rest in peace. With love and gratitude, Charlene
Paige Carole Salter left a message on May 28, 2013:
I am so lucky to have had Pa play such a big role in my life. He was there to take care of me (and watch the Price is Right with me) when I was out sick from school, even on the days we both knew I was faking it. One of my favorite memories is when the infamous Hurricane Charley hit Port Charlotte. I was 15 and rode out the storm at Nana and Pa’s house. Shortly after the storm started the power went out, shortly after that the walls of the house started to shake slightly, and shortly after that Pa took a nap in his room while Nana and I hid in her bathroom and played cards. I was so nervous during the storm that I basically refused to leave the safety of the tub. At one particularly loud part of the storm Pa woke up from his snooze and came into the living room to look out the (clear) shutters on the sliding glass doors. It took some coaxing on his behalf but he finally talked me into leaving the tub to look at the storm outside. Standing there in the living room watching this massive storm throw debris past the house, I went from being nervous and scared to feeling safe and calm. He had that way about him; he really was the calm in the storm. I am so thankful that we got to have him with us with a healthy mind and body for so many wonderful years. Every Christmas morning, I will think of the warm cinnamon buns and gingerbread men he would bake and decorate for us each year. I will never eat a chocolate chip pancake without thinking of waking up to the smell of him cooking them for us every time Laila and I would stay the night. I was looking through old pictures of Pa the other night and in nearly every one he had either me, my sister or one of our cousins on his lap. He was such a genuinely good person, always patient with us and always ready to make us laugh. I miss him immensely but take comfort in the fact that he had a wonderful, long life and that I have this wonderful family who were all impacted by Pa and who all carry some of his knowledge and traits.
Chris & CC DiNunno left a message on May 29, 2013:
Uncle Carl gave me a beautiful basil plant that had to be four feet tall. Enough basil to last a year. I think it took me only six weeks to ruin it. I was envious of Carl's green thumb. I could cook it, but I didn't have much luck growing it. I didn't have the patience. Patience was something that Carl had in abundance. What beautiful living things he had the patience to nuture - plants and children alike. Always ready with a hearty "How have you been" and a big smile, Carl - and Bicki - made everyone feel welcome. His stories and his laughter will always live in our hearts.
RICH AND JOAN HENNELLY left a message on June 20, 2013:
Adria Hartner left a message on May 31, 2013:
Uncle Carl. You were one of a kind. Such a big, bright, welcoming smile. Everyone is right about how patient you were with us kids. I remember spending a summer with you and Aunty Bicky when I was around 15 years old. Aunty Bicky worried the whole time that if something happened to me my mother would kill her and you just smiled and winked at me over my mischievous adventures. The one thing that stands out the most was your grabbing of my knees. I'm sure I wasn't the only one to experience that squeezing half painful half ticklish maneuver. Wow!! Uncle Carl your children loved and respected you. What more proof would anyone need to believe that in the long run you did everything right in your life. Rest in Peace Adria
Deb Reedy left a message on June 1, 2013:
I am filled with gratitude just having known such a loving gentle man. 28 years ago I entered into the Hodges Family. To me, that was such a wonderful blessing. To see Carole love my father the way she did made me very happy. When I met Carl, with his wonderfully sweet smile and blithe spirit, I felt so very welcomed into the Salter Family. To see our daughter Aubrey on his lap brought tears to my eyes. The kindness he showed and loving nature will never be forgotten. I will never forget our endless conversations on caring for plants. As much as I try, my African violets never hold a candle to his. Thank you for making me feel part of such a big roaring with love family. You and your sweet smile will never be forgotten. We love you.
SUSAN SALTER left a message on June 4, 2013:
Dear Carl, I have so many fond memories of you, here are just a few of them. I remember your green pick up truck, you would go around and paint the entire familys homes and then you would fix or repair things in your own creative way. I remember Rachel standing in the back of your boat with her go-go boots on , , probably waiting to go on a fishing trip. I remember your vegetable garden abundant with many vegetables, especially the tomato, everyone was invited to share in its bounty. I remember your hearty laugh, when the kids and some grown ups would snap your suspenders, and how you got the biggest kick out of it all I remember your owl house and how very proud you were of your owls ,you made their house out of a palm tree log, you would take everyone out ot see your owls, that owl house stood for many years . I remember the smell of freshly baked bread as I walked in the house. I always think of the way you enjoyed books , the good and bad ones, how you read them from front to back. The quiet times, when you told your stories and how everyone enjoyed hearing them. My Kids in your arms, along with everyone elses kids. I will always remember your smile and those big strong capable hands. Your quiet peaceful ways. There will always be something that will remind me of you . Carl, Rest in Peace, With Love, Sue
Alexander Salter left a message on June 6, 2013:
Pa, It was such a privilege to have known you for all these years. You were a great inspiration to me. From fishing in New Hampshire at Carole's house to the stories you told of your military career. From these stories, you inspired me to join the military and follow in your footsteps as a gunners mate. I felt honored that you were able to meet my wife and your great granddaughter and how well she took to you. You were always a kind and loving man and you will be missed. Love u
Rachael and Ashley Smith left a message on June 11, 2013:
Carl Salter was a stoic, gentle man and as I think back of my memories of Pa I realize he was a part of so many meaningful memories and chapters in our lives. When I was a child I would go to Florida for a few weeks every year. He would cook me Mickey Mouse pancakes and at the end of the day he would do the "Nestea Plunge" in the pool ( after I bugged him non stop all day) to make me laugh. When I was a teenager he tried to talk sense into my teenage ears and he and Bicky were there for a stubborn girl who didn't want to listen to anyone. When I became a mother he was there always with advice and help, whether it was coming over to fix my ancient washing machine or moving and even making me furniture. Ashley and I are grateful also that she had so many years to know her great grandfather. Ashley will always remember him for being there after school,and for the great cook he was and for just letting her be herself . He understood kids and was great with all of us grandchildren and great granchildren. We will always miss him and will never forget him
Ashley Smith left a message on June 11, 2013:
Dear Pa, I will always remember when I was younger your kind smile and your patience with me. You used to watch as I'd climb in and out of your orange trees, possibly mangling branches, with a small knowing smile. I remember the smell of your fresh baked bread and muffins, and how I so enjoyed coming over for an after-school snack. With all my love, Ashley.
Greg left a message on June 14, 2013:
Pa, Thank you for being such a loving and honorable grandfather. The memories I have of time spent with you are unforgettable and I am thankful to have had the opportunity to share them with you. One of the most memorable moments with you, which seems to be a common theme amongst all of the grandchildren, was when you taught me how to fish at Auntie Carol's dock in New Hampshire. I remember that moment every time I go fishing (went last week). Another quality memory I have is when you and I would take my parent's mini van and you would take me to McDonald's, a place mom would never agree to take me. The last memory which stands out to me was when we were at stump pass and I was swimming in the water and you reeled in a baby hammerhead shark. I believe this was your 80th birthday weekend and to watch my 80 year old grandfather catch a 2-3 foot shark was really memorable to me. Couldn't have asked for a better grandfather, rest in peace. -Greg
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Laila Moretti left a message on June 14, 2013:
Pa was truly a man of the Greatest Generation. His humility, honor, loyalty and courage in life were only matched by the joy and love that he shared with his family and friends. When I think about what he had seen in his life already when he was my age, it seems like the stuff of Hollywood to me, yet he maintained his calm and gentle nature throughout. I was very lucky to have had him in my life for so long, and to have spent so much time with him, especially as a child. I will always think of him when I make gingerbread men or eat a cinnamon roll, and I have many great memories of trips to the library with him as a kid. He would let me check out stacks of books and always encouraged me to read. And he grew the best citrus. I buy tangelos whenever I find them in the store, but I haven't managed to find one yet that is as good as I remember them being off of Pa's tree. Although it is strange and sad that he is no longer with us, I am thankful that he was so healthy and vibrant for so many years.
Jessie Salter left a message on June 15, 2013:
The memories I have of Pa are varied throughout time, but one aspect remains the same; I remember the incredible love and happiness I felt whenever I saw Pa and NaNa. There was never a dull moment with Pa, from hearing stories about Iowa, stories of his seemingly infallible green thumb, to war stories and stories about my dad and aunts and uncles growing up. The trips in the camper up and down the East Coast will always stick in my mind; fishing at every stop possible, and relishing in the quiet comfort of being in the same space as Pa. His chuckle, his simple matter-of-fact attitude was only something I fully appreciated later in life. His strength and fortitude is something I admire and hope to attain. I am so thankful that I got to spend quality time with you this year Pa. It must have been such a treasure for you to have your whole family around you, loving you and respecting you for who you are, and what you have achieved in your life. I am so lucky to have this incredible family (albeit, odd at times!) that you helped shape and influence. You are truly an amazing man. Thank you for everything you have done to help keep the joy and happiness in the Salter family. Fair Winds and Following Seas Pa. Love always, Jessie
Bob Pedrick left a message on June 18, 2013:
Dear Mrs. Salter I read in today's Ottumwa Courier of Carl's passing and wish to offer you a condolence, I am the Funeral Director in Douds and Keosauqua and have known the Salter family all of my life. I was in the Navy stationed at the Fargo Building in Boston, 1954 - 1955 when Carl worked across the street at the Navy yard I remember going over there once and visiting with him. I knew all of his siblings as well as his mother Lille. His great niece Kathy Hartsell is secretary of our United Methodist Church in Douds. I assume that you and Carl met while he was in the service, I to met my wife who was a native of Maine while I was in the Navy in Boston. We will be thinking of you Saturday Sincerely, Bob Pedrick
Jack and Marge Wilhelm left a message on June 20, 2013:
Bicky and Family, Please accept my apology for this late note to express our deepest love and heartfelt sympathy in the passing of Uncle Carl. I might not have heard of Uncle Carl's passing until much later had it not been for a gentleman that lives here in Donnellson that was raised in Eldon, IA. He and I worked together at Central Lee Schools many years ago. He approached me at church and indicated that he had seen an obituary in the Ottumwa Courier of a Salter that has passed away. I quizzed him as to the details and told him it sounded like my Uncle. I came home and checked the Courier Obits on line and found that is was indeed Carl. I called Kathy and she was able to give you folks a call. We have thought of you often over the years, but really did not realize Kathy had a phone number or we would have called and talked now and then. I do hope that when Carl Jr. comes to Iowa that he makes contact with one of us so we can meet and visit with him. He was just a very small young boy the last time I saw him. We will keep you in our prayers and thoughts and wish we could attend Uncle Carl's memorial service on Saturday. I read the memorial tributes and you can be proud of all the lives that he touched over his long life. Love, Jack and Marge Wilhelm 29 Westwood Court Donnellson, IA 52625
Roberson Funeral Home left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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