Gretchen Jamieson
May 14, 1977 - July 29, 2012
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Roberson Funeral Homes Punta Gorda Chapel
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Wednesday 8/8, 7:00 pm

Gretchen Leigh (Vick) Jamieson, 35, of Punta Gorda, passed away Sunday, July 29, 2012. She was born on May 14, 1977 in Meridian, Mississippi to Michael James and Laurie Ann Vick. She attended Charlotte High School, where she was a proud Future Farmers of America student. Married April 11, 1997 to her high school crush,…

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Jamie Jamieson left a message on November 13, 2012:
My Dearest Gretchen, I can't ever NOT cry when watching your memorial video. 16 yrs is a long time. We had a AWESOME time together. I hope you can forgive me for all the wrong things that I had done. I pray that you are finally at peace and are with little Jamie, your dad, my parents, Amy, and everyone else in heaven! LOVING YOU FOREVER...PLUS A DAY! YOUR POOH BEAR!
Larry & Bonnie White left a message on August 6, 2012:
Gretchen we will miss your smiling face and may you be blessed in heaven. We are all so broken hearted. God bless you.
Kristel erkal left a message on August 6, 2012:
So sorry for your loss....I only got to meet Gretchen a couple of times but I remember how sweet she talked about her all the time and I remember how happy you were that she was moving back to punta Gorda. Please keep in touch and feel free to come and visit us anytime you need to get away! I really mean that! Stay you and miss you!
frieda and john left a message on August 5, 2012:
gretchen we will miss you dearly, you was a great friend and neighbor,rest in peace my friend
Julie Doane left a message on August 5, 2012:
Gretchen, May your soul be at Peace. I know that you are now in the Loving Arms of the Lord in which sorrow and pain are no longer felt, but only of Joy and Peace. May we meet again in Paradise. You are loved and missed by all!
Peace of mind is a call away. We’re here when you need us most.
Ray Pettit left a message on August 5, 2012:
You are missed, loved, beautiful, funny, smart and loved again. Jamie, our love and prayers are with you and your family. Ray
Julie Taft left a message on August 5, 2012:
Thoughts are with you today and always with such a loss of a young beautiful women, daughter, wife, sister, and mother.
Cliff and Hannah Clary left a message on August 5, 2012:
As a friend and co-worker of Jamie, I was terribly sorry to hear the news of his best friends' passing. I can not imagine losing your soul mate and you have been in our prayers constantly Jamie. Love, Cliff and Hannah Clary
Nicola McMillan left a message on August 5, 2012:
So very sorry for your loss. May the family find comfort in each other at this sad time
DeAnn Ennis left a message on August 5, 2012:
So very sorry for your loss. Much love and hugs on this difficult journey. May peace be with all of you.
Joy Perkins left a message on August 5, 2012:
Gret, I miss you so much that it chokes me up everytime I think of you or see a picture of you but it also makes me laugh and remember all the crazy adventures we had together. One of my favorite memories of us is when you and I were shopping at Bowling AFB Commisary. We were coming out with our bags and chatting away, we had taken my little red honda that day, we arrived at the car and we put the groceries in the backseat. You had already gotten in and I started to then I looked down and relized this was not my car! You asked me what was wrong laughing and I said "Gret get out of the car now, fast! " You said "Why what's wrong? still sitting in the car seatbelt on, lol. As I was grabbing the groceries quickly I said " Gret, this is not my car!!" The look on your face was priceless. You said "Oh S*@t!! but I was already running away from the car as you were yelling wait for me!! We found my car and jumped in which I'm sure was comical for two chubby girls running in the parking lot and diving in a little Honda. As we drove away out of breath, laughing to tears. We have replayed this over and over through the years to each other how could we have gotten in the wrong car. It always makes us laugh. When your with your best friend or even someone who you truly love nothing around matters. Although we should have noticed that car was spot perfect clean, which never has been what ours cars ever were,lol. Gret, you were the one friend I could totally be me and not have to pretend to make others think I'm a certain way. I totally love you for that, til I see you again my sidekick, "Patrick", RIP my beautiful friend <3
Kimberlie left a message on August 5, 2012:
May flights of angels wing you to your rest.
Jamie Jamieson left a message on August 5, 2012:
There are too many memories to just capture one here in this moment. It's more of a collage of memories from the last 16 yrs. We had a hellava run, didn't we Baby Girl? There were many ups and downs that came before us. I believe we experienced EVERYTHING in the book. I would not change anything. The best times of my life were with you. I pray your soul is at peace, you are with Little Jamie and the rest of the family, and that you will "visit" me every once in a while. ILY Love Forever + a day, Your Buttercup
Jamie Jamieson left a message on August 5, 2012:
Here's a candle for you my Baby Girl. You loved your candles...didn't you? RIP now baby...ILY! Loving You Forever and a Day... Forever Your Pooh Bear
Annie left a message on August 5, 2012:
I love you Gretch... I will miss you with all my heart... We were more than friends we were sisters... There are so many memories that I will always cherish and keep in my heart... The one that we both know was priceless... Was when we told Mom something and her reply was " Oh my Oh Annie" The two of us are the only ones who will ever remember what that was about... With All My Love, Annie
Lori Campbell left a message on August 6, 2012:
My dearest have shown us what true friendship is about. I will always remember the times we got to spend together and how much you loved and cared about us...I just wished we were able to get together to get the wedding dress completed so you could surprise Jamie, with that wedding at your mom's house.....Cupcake keeps praying that God shows you around Heaven with the streets of gold and that you have many crowns. We are going to miss you .....we will see you someday again in Heaven.....WE LOVE YOU GRET! Jamie and Laurie and Frank I am so very sorry that you lost this angel....May your heart and soul find comfort in this time of loss. Love, Lori, Greg and Savannah Campbell North Port, Florida
Campbell Family left a message on August 6, 2012:
Life Beyond © Sue Walkinshaw5 I feel the warmth upon my face as I enter the land of God's good grace, Friends and loved ones gone before, waiting here beyond the door. With open arms they welcome me, amazement in my eyes they see. They look so well and at their best, beauty beholds them now they rest. I walk across the grass so green, the greenest grass I've ever seen, I jump and skip and bounce on air, it's almost like there's nothing there. A sky of blue, not a cloud in sight, perpetual day no darkest night. Every flower is in full bloom, undefined colors of every hue. The streams and rivers crystal clear, no rubbish or decay found here. The sea is calm and turquoise blue, I long to test it, wouldn't you? The softest sand beneath my feet, at the waters edge where they both meet. The warmest waters gently flow, bathing me from head to toe. A city built of alabaster walls, where translucent light eliminates the halls. Theatres of music and concerts too, magnificent galleries for all to view. Amazing sights for me to see, I just wander in, there's no entrance fee. Libraries stacked with books galore, history, science and many more. The celestial sun does forever shine, it's a perfect temperature all the time. Orchards here overflow with fruit, a taste in itself that is quite exquisite. I'm told it will help my soul to restore, pick what I like, there is plenty more. This ethereal plain is a pure delight, it's my new home, my God given right. There is nothing here to cause me fear, the lord protects within his sphere. An infinity of perfect peace, from the toils of earth I am now released. I have landed on a higher realm, in perfect harmony to forever dwell. So believe when I tell you my dear friends, you cannot die, life never ends.
April Davis Koonce left a message on August 26, 2012:
I new Gretchen throughout elementary and Jr high she was a great friend and always kept me laughing I am saddened by her passing she will be greatly missed by lots of people she was one of a kind my heart goes out my her family.
Lisa Watson left a message on August 13, 2012:
Thinking back at all the memories we had there are so many. Mexican dip and how much you LOVED the white sauce. Girls night out and how much fun we had. The time I was helping you pack when you were moveing back to Florida and Eric got into that little rubbermaid box and he acted like he was flying we laughed so hard. I will miss you my dear friend.
Christine Fernandez (Schnepp) left a message on August 11, 2012:
I met Gretchen in third grade and we went to school together all the way through high school. I am sorry to hear she has passed. She was an amazing person. My thoughts and prayers are with her family. RIP old friend.
Peace of mind is a call away. We’re here when you need us most.
Garland and Peggy Vick left a message on August 8, 2012:
I know Gretchen will be missed by all who knew her and loved her. We are all saddened to hear the news of her untimely passing.. way too young. way too soon. I am sorry we were not closer over the years. we are all grieving with you at this time of mourning..You are in our prayers. we will all be together again in the resurrection..May god be with you.. Our love forever, Garland and Peggy
Kathy left a message on August 8, 2012:
I am so sorry to hear of Gretchen s' passing . I understood the pain she had while others did not.. I'll always cherish the little lavender bear she gave me for taking care of her. She touched my life in a special way Kathy Rn
Laurie Hughes left a message on August 8, 2012:
My darling daughter . . . Í miss you so very much and I'll love you forever. You will always be my little girl. I find peace in knowing that you have no more pain, I find peace in knowing that you are with your son, your father, and your grandparents. (Tell them all I say "hello"). I miss our daily talks, our shopping outings to Goodwill and yard sales, and of course our dinners together - we sure did share some good times and great laughs, didn't we?!. You were my best friend and I have a huge hole in my heart because I don't have you here with me anymore. Rest in peace my precious one and know that because of you, my life was richer and complete. Know that I was so very very proud of the loving, caring woman you became - know that it was an honor to be your mother. My darling daughter . . . I'll love and miss you forever.
Mahalath Gordon left a message on August 8, 2012:
Gretchen I will forever miss you. You are such a strong amazing woman with a fighting spirit. I remember talking to you on the phone about how much pain you were in and how badly you wanted to feel better and how much effort you put into trying to heal. Although you leaving is full of sorrow for many of us, there is some form of relief because now you can continue on your journey free of suffering. Your life here succeeded in touching many lives with your beautiful light. May you lay peacefully in the lap of the Almighty until you return to grace humanity once again. I love you.
Willy Starling left a message on August 7, 2012:
I certainly never expected this to happen and I certainly wish that it didn't happen. You were like a second mom to me. You brought many smiles to my face and helped me through a lot of problems. You had a really big heart and you were the best friend/boss a kid could have. I'll cherish all the memories of our movie nights with the kids, all the advice and all the fun we had. Thanks for and all the laughs! You taught me a lot about life that I didn't know and I'll never forget that you took me to Hooters! I'll remember you always and I will miss you! Willy Starling
Tammy Gibson left a message on August 7, 2012:
I didn't know you that long but you were the kindest person I ever met... You were always thinking of others and trying to do something good for someone else. Thank You for all the time you spent with the kids, especially Willy. Because Willy really needed your friendship, as much as you needed his. You could never be replaced, you were a very dear soul and we shall miss you dearly!
Diana left a message on August 7, 2012:
My sincere condolences to your hubby and family. I know they will miss a very special lady! Thank You for every minute that you spent with my nieces and nephews. They all loved spending time with you. They will truly miss you! It seemed like you came out of nowhere one day and the next you were part of the family. Thank You for being a part of their life! They are hurt and sad now but it is better to have loved and lost; than never to have loved at all!
kellie canavan-mounce left a message on August 7, 2012:
I'm so very sad for your family...I think of all of you often and Gretchen passing breaks my heart.
Brad Wright left a message on August 6, 2012:
Jah Love.
Martha & Mark McKenzie left a message on August 6, 2012:
Gretchen is now with the other Angels in Heaven to watch over the Family Members left here... She will live in your heart forever.
Barb.O'hare left a message on August 6, 2012:
Jamie , I did not know Gretchen . but in a way I felt like I did know her . in a way when Lisa would tell me silly little things about her . my heart go's out to you . GOD BLESS YOU . and keep you in his loving arms . Barb.O;Hare (Lisa Watson's) mom .in Mi.
Michael & Jodi Burks left a message on August 4, 2012:
Jamie, I just learned of Gretchen's passing this morning, and wanted to offer and the rest of her family our sincere condolences. I hope you can find comfort in treasured memories of the time you shared together; I can certainly recall a few of them myself, from some good times spent among all of our friends back in Tampa. We'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers, my friend. Semper Fidelis, Mike
Roberson Funeral Home left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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